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We study how complex weather and climate hazards interact with people's lives, infrastructures, and communities, posing significant risk to public safety. In particular we work with experts like emergency managers, weather forecasters, and policy makers to understand how to improve warning systems and communication of risks to those who are most vulnerable.


Compound Hazards

Weather Convention and Bilingual Audiences

We study how complex weather hazards interact and pose significant risks to public safety, challenging emergency managers and broadcast meteorologists' advice to society. Especially when landfalling tropical cyclones occur within vulnerable socioeconomic contexts.

This is the latest project of RED Lab, dedicated to addressing the need to improve weather warnings for Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S., with insights from different sectors for more effective communication. Check out the latest news on the project.

Envision: A Cartography of Risk in Lubbock

"Envision: A Cartography of Risk in Lubbock" is a one-day, in-person, workshop addressed to Lubbock's junior school students about mapping social and environmental hazards, like air pollution, flooding, and socioeconomic disparities.

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